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User rating=8,6 of 10; 39 vote; ; Directed by=Michael Pack; star=Ginni Thomas, Clarence Thomas; abstract=Although Clarence Thomas remains a controversial figure, loved by some, reviled by others, few know much more than a few headlines and the recollections of his contentious confirmation battle with Anita Hill. Yet, the personal odyssey of Clarence Thomas is a classic American story and should be better known and understood. His life began in extreme poverty in the segregated South, and moved to the height of the legal profession, as one of the most influential justices on the Supreme Court. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words tells the Clarence Thomas story truly and fully, without cover-ups or distortions. The documentary will open in movie theaters nationally on January 31, 2020, followed by a national broadcast on PBS in May 2020. Educational use is forthcoming.

She has a striking resemblance to Alexandria ocasio Cortez, the New York u.s. congresswoman A.O.C.! They could pass as twins. Thank you for speaking to us! Both you gentlemen! When you didnt have a father figure in your life its great to hear how a good father would speak to you. Watch Full Length Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own words to eat.

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Watch full length created equal: clarence thomas in his own words video. A truly GREAT African-American who I hope the young in America look to. He is exceptionally brave against a sea of racist hatred led by Ted Kennedy.

The music, and piano playing in this film is breathtaking, beautiful people and great acting

There seems to be a pattern of Democrats exploiting the tragedy of sexual assault for their own political motives. In fact, exploitation is their #1 playbook. Find a group that identifies as victims and exploit their emotions to garner their support. Their supporters are fools for not recognizing that they're being used. They edited out the thunderous applause he received from the room. In the meantime, Bidens thinking of little girls in flower dresses. 🌼.

The correlation between Justice Thomas and soon-to-be Justice Kavanagh is astounding. The timing, the accusations, and the way this was all brought about is like they are reading a play book on how to deny someone to be a Supreme Court Justice. It's pathetic. There are a lot of Republican Senators that I disagree with, but I've never seen a republican flat-out lie in desperation to try to deny someone of their position. It's ok to like Kanye and Clarence Thomas. He pulled the race card on liberals. Legendary. What a Gentleman. Anita Hill should/could have been on the Supreme Court. If Thomas had not sexually harassed her she may have stayed on, had an illustrious career in law and on the bench and we could have been talking about confirming her. In all the discussion about destroying men, the loss and shattered dreams of women is never mourned. Maybe if Louis CK hadnt exposed himself and blackballed female comics, they would be walking into their standing ovations at the comedy cellar too.

Justice Thomas is one of my personal heroes. Watch Full Length Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own words. Watch full length created equal: clarence thomas in his own words pdf. Wow a compelling movie makes you really think. Watch Full Length Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own words and pictures. The Democrats would have destroyed Thomas if he didn't play the race card. Once he did that they were on their heels and never recovered.

I like this guy. Honest in his tone of speech. God Bless you. A twist in the plot could have had Tom applying to join the Priesthood.

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Won't catch me in a church. That's not where to find God. He is every where he is loved and honestly in the hearts of the true knower of him and his love for you. Church and religion are man made and are a business. To really know God is to know these things I have told you. If you seek out his love, he gives it freely. There are no conditions that you go to some church. All he asked is you do your best to be a good person and abide by his words as best you can. He doesn't expect you to be perfect for only he is. He sent his son so you could enter the kingdom of Christ in perfect sinner we all are. By all means get together with others whom love God as well and rejoice together in his name. Not in a church. Any place. Your home, the park or an empty field. Doesntvmsyter as long as it's also in your heart. Take these words or leave them, your choice but don't leave mean remarks. Please love Each other and pass on your good fortune you have in Jesus.

I loved it when Dunbar had to take it in the butt. It really moves me when people turn down ridiculous sums of cash foe what they believe, the way Ali did. Watch Full Length Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own words of love. At 17:45 Clarence Thomass testimony begins. Posts: 6, 835 Threads: 1, 842 Likes Received: 1, 453 in 1, 025 posts Likes Given: 2, 021 Joined: Dec 2007 Country: 02-05-2020, 01:08 PM (This post was last modified: 02-05-2020, 01:09 PM by Zedta. ) I have long admired Clarence Thomas and like the author of this article, I didn't know very much about his life and background. He has been the 'silent' one on the Supreme Court, he has never questioned from the bench, it is said. This is a nice little article about a film recently released about him. I suppose I'll have to wait and see if it turns up on Amazon Prime, or You Tube. It would be hard to get to a theater playing the film, but I'd like to hear how he took a similar political road as I did; coming from the radical left of the late '60s to a quite conservative right stance today. Interesting primer this: Article Wrote: Link to Original Article Page Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words – Trailer Few, including myself know much about Clarence Thomas beyond a few headlines and the recollections of his contentious Supreme Court confirmation battle with Anita Hill in 1991. Last Friday, a film about his life was released: Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words. In it, Justice Thomas tells his entire life’s story, looking directly at the camera, unscripted and without narration. The documentary takes the viewer through this complex and often painful life, dealing with extreme poverty, race, faith, power, jurisprudence and personal resilience. Justice Thomas is perhaps most well-known for being “reticent” during oral argument, going ten years without asking a question from the bench and a nearly seven-year streak of not speaking at all in any professional context, so the film provides a rare opportunity to hear from him directly. Of his silence he’s explained, “The referee in the game should not be a participant in the game. ” Another reason Thomas has given is self-consciousness about the way he speaks, having learned Gullah as his first language. Gullah is a creole language spoken by an African-American population living in coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia, where he was born and raised. Gullah is closely related to Bahamian Creole and is based on different varieties of English and languages of West and Central Africa. After attending Catholic seminary school, he went to college at Mount Holy Cross in Massachusetts, majoring in English Literature, to “conquer the language. ” During the 1960s, Thomas became a radical Leftist, participating in anti-Vietnam War rallies and chanting about freeing Angela Davis. He later underwent ideological whiplash, voting for Reagan in 1980, out of a desire to see an end to the “social engineering of the ’60s and ’70s. ” Thomas still seethes over the “high-tech lynching” of his 1991 Supreme Court confirmation battle, saying, “This is about the wrong kind of black guy, he has to be destroyed, ” in reference to his being a Black Conservative. The film was released last Friday at these theaters, before airing on PBS this spring. One should have an open mind; open enough that things get in, but not so open that everything falls out Art Bell The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists. J Edgar Hoover I don't need a good memory, because I always tell the truth. Jessie Ventura Its no wonder truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense Mark Twain If history doesn't repeat itself, it sure does rhyme. Posts: 111 Threads: 9 Likes Received: 77 in 54 posts Likes Given: 134 Joined: Oct 2019 Wow, this is a bombshell. I'd love to see it. Thanks for the heads-up, Zedta. Posts: 3, 052 Threads: 167 Likes Received: 61 in 34 posts Likes Given: 908 Joined: Feb 2006 02-11-2020, 10:30 PM (This post was last modified: 02-11-2020, 10:35 PM by HailGilbert. ) (02-05-2020, 01:08 PM) ADDITION TO THIS POST IS BELOW THIS RE-POST! Zedta Wrote: I have long admired Clarence Thomas and like the author of this article, I didn't know very much about his life and background. "The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected. " - G. K. Chesterton Fellow Fisheaters, here is a documentary about the Gullah language and people that Justice Thomas was raised up with. This is a fascinating look at a part of American culture that most folks don't know about. And here is a PBS Now special report on the Gullah people and culture from 2013. (Apologies in advance for even having to link to anything PBS. ) I hope you enjoy these documentaries. Many thanks in advance. "The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. Chesterton.

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Mr. Thomas' Grandfather sounds like a very wise man. Do as I do, not as I say that is a very hard line to walk as a father. It obviously makes young men successful when applied properly.
Least competent and original thinker ever to sit on the bench. Childhood poverty may have destroyed a lot of cognitive development, but more importantly, he completely turned his back on his shared humanity after being a beneficiary of progressive affirmative action. Go ahead Clarence. have a good cry bemoaning the fact the oligarchs you serve still see the color of your skin and will never let you into their clubs.
I remember this event so well. I want ALL of you out there to know that we could feel the electricity in the air. It was a magical time.


Thomas is a TRAITOR go see> Judge Thomas I have the up most respect for you. You stood tall against the DNC and won. You are one of the most respected Judges on the court. God has protected and Blessed you. God Bless you and God Bless America. Whose anita.

This documentary is Monumental in its its Story and in its timing. Justice Clarence Thomas is the very epitome of the Success story in America. Everyone with half a brain will see the dichotomy between the Liberal Mindset in this Country that feed the publc lies. just to Win And the Conservative mindset, that makes a person Decent. Decent and cause its wrong to Most Conservatives ask. to just move forward. Most Liberals ask that they be carried. because they deserve it. What is the evidence against Clarence Thomas? Let's see who can answer that. The left is all about emotion and sucks at logic.

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